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About BGP Products

BGP Products LLC is a custom formulator and manufacturer of soil and plant nutrition products.  Based around carbon, our products are formulated to influence plant growth.  This is accomplished by facilitating root attachment of growth promoting organisms, starting at germination or transplant, and continuing throughout the life cycle.  Using these products helps establish root exudation as the driving force shaping microbial populations that can then exert preferential selectivity on plant fitness through their positive growth influences. Growers have found that plant growth and productivity are enhanced by establishing a feeding cycle where the rhizosphere is under strong influence of root exudates and the secreted products of bacterial metabolism and degradation.

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What we do

BGP Products manufactures nutritional products that facilitate nutrient interchange within the phytobiome by promoting the growth of microorganisms.  Our products are designed to enhance soil microbiological flora, such as phosphate solubilizing bacteria and plant growth-promoting bacteria, by encouraging the establishment of the root-organism-root exudated interchange.

We have applied the discipline of Food Science to the manufacturing of nutritional products used for plants and soil. Why Food Science?   The food we eat evolves around an in-depth understanding of microbiology.  From the good; bread, cheese, wine, beer, yogurt, and many others to the bad; food poisoning. Food Science evolves around the microbe.  Human and animal nutritional research have an in-depth understanding of interaction between the microbe and the host. We have taken this understanding and applied it to the plant and the environment in which it grows.
Our formulations and process were introduced in 2016 and have been proven in field trials by large vertically integrated fertilizer manufacturers, both as standalone products and as ingredients in further processed products. These trials have demonstrated significant improvement by decreasing usage rates with increasing crop performance.

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Product Development

Application specific development is done to meet customer specific goals.  Please contact us for additional information.

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Formulation Goals

Committed to Our Customers

  • To develop low usage products that stimulate micro-organism associated with plant growth.

  • To formulate products that promote microorganism and plant processes that increase soil carbon sequestration by increasing soil organic matter.

  • To utilize processing technology and ingredients that facilitate growth through induction of foliar and root based nutrient interchange.

  • To continue to expand our knowledge of the root-soil-microbiological interface.

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Our computer controlled liquid processing line utilizes a proprietary, patent pending, blending sequence to manufacture custom formulated products.  Products produced using this technology have shown increased plant absorption through tissue analysis and increased growth and yield.

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Eugene E. Wisakowsky Ph.D

Managing Partner

A co-founder of BGP Products, Gene is responsible for strategic direction and formulation. Having degrees in microbiology and food science he was a registered dietitian for 25 years. He was Vice President of Technology for Anheuser Busch food division Campbell Taggart, and Chief Technical Officer for a private food company CF Chefs.

Keith E. Wisakowsky

Managing Partner

Also a co-founder, Keith is responsible for operations. Having a background in organizational management and transportation he provides leadership to all aspects of production.

Who We Are: Team Members
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